Inflatables take over Wapak WaterPark

Wapakoneta WaterPark has put up a display of several inflatables at the waterpark to entertain families while it remains closed for the COVID-19 crisis. 

In an effort to bring a bit of happiness to Wapakoneta during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Wapakoneta WaterPark has invited people to let them borrow their inflatables — not to float on in the pool, but to display.

“My daughter, Megan, who is a teacher at Wapakoneta High School, and I started putting them up last Sunday evening (March 22), and then each night — not so much today because of the weather — but each day since we’ve added a few more to the total,” said Jack Hayzlett who manages the Wapakoneta WaterPark.

He got the idea from watching a television news report. “A couple of weeks ago, I had seen something on the news about Christmas lights being put up out in Arizona. I kind of thought that was a neat idea that just gives somebody a smile. We originally thought we would do it in my front yard because I live right across from the waterpark and we said, why don’t we just do it at the waterpark because that way more people would see it?” Hayzlett said.

“It just came to us that we should do something to give people a smile in March since everybody’s home, everybody’s going to be walking through the parks, and give them something to look at. Kids can’t play on the playground but they can certainly look at the blow-ups,” Hayzlett said.

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