Andamiro begins shipping SpongeBob Pirates of Bikini Bottom

Andamiro is now shipping to arcades and family entertainment centres nationwide. In Andamiro’s quick-fire pusher titled SpongeBob Pirates of Bikini Bottom.

Pirates of Bikini Bottom integrates character cards, plastic chips, video gameplay and ball pusher mechanics to create a feature-rich arcade mashup with lots of ways to win tickets. Pirates enables the interaction of classic electrotechnical devices with video, adding an innovative twist to the growing amusement pusher category. And the game’s character cards and coloured chips, all carrying ticket values, intersperse with balls on the playfield. Chips are RFID tagged and the cabinet is equipped with two validators that redeem them.

Andamiro’s Pirates is a multi-layered redemption game, but one that can be easily grasped by players of all ages and requiring only one button. Players shoot the mini blue balls into the moving treasure chest. Following a successful shot, the sequence is completed on the video screen: cannon fires and a bubble is put into the “bubble meter.” When 10 shots fill the bubble meter, the Pirates prize wheel spins on the video display. Wheel prizes include bonus tickets, cards, chips and balls, and the 500-ticket Bin Win dividend.

For its in-game card series, Andamiro’s Pirates corrals a hilarious ensemble of Bikini Bottom characters. The nine-card redemption set features SpongeBob (also as Patchy), Patrick (and his hook-handed pirate alter ego), Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Plankton and Gary the Snail (aka Painty), along with the Flying Dutchman as the rare piece. The colourful cards boast witty pirate riddles on the backside. Players can collect all nine cards to win the Super Bonus.


Pirates of Bikini Bottom is Andamiro’s sixth SpongeBob arcade adaptation, which includes the recently retired SpongeBob Pineapple Arcade, the company’s bestselling game and still one of industry’s top-earning coin and card pushers.

Drew Maniscalco, Andamiro USA president, said: “The key to a successful SpongeBob adaptation, however, is the game itself must be compelling on its own and we believe Pirates of Bikini Bottom is the most innovative pusher-style concept to hit the market.”

Off the pallet and out of the box, SpongeBob Pirates of Bikini Bottom measures 70” W. x 47” D. x 101” H. and weighs 937 lbs. The eye-catching two-player cabinet is equipped with 23” LCDs for each player position.

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