2016 “is the year for SCAN COIN” according to SUZOHAPP

SUZOHAPP is well known in the industry for its cash handling solutions, spares and components. The company has grown strongly in recent years both by internal growth and acquisitions. The latest company to join the group has been SCAN COIN. This year’s EAG saw the premiere of SCAN COIN products within the SUZOHAPP brand.

SCAN COIN develops, manufactures and markets equipment and integrated solutions for handling bank notes and coins, and has become a world leader in the automated cash processing market.

Founded in 1966, SCAN COIN is one of today’s leading suppliers of cash processing equipment, system solutions and services. Its worldwide customer base is served through a network of SCAN COIN companies and distribution partners covering more than 100 countries. The company employs approximately 420 people in 14 countries globally.

Particular focus was placed upon the DTC9 and the Newton at EAG. The SCAN COIN DTC9 is a heavy-duty coin sorter that counts and sorts up to nine different coin denominations at a rate of up to 600 coins per minute. It automatically rejects foreign and/or damaged coins. Furthermore, the DTC9 includes a touchscreen display and a keyboard for easy access. The coins can be sorted into bags or tubes. The SCAN COIN Newton is just one example from the banknote sorting range that is a heavy-duty two-pocket currency sorter with a 4.3” touchscreen colour LCD monitor that uses Windows CE as an operating system, thus creating a well-defined, user-friendly interface. With an ability to count, validate and sort banknotes, at a rate of up to 1200 per minute, unrecognised and suspect notes are rejected without stopping the counting process making this an exceptionally efficient part of the cash office. The Newton is certified by both the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Bank of England (BoE) and can read the note serial numbers and send the information to a remote data storage system. Updates can simply be carried out through the USB port. A dust pocket is situated at the rear next to the USB port.

John Vallis, SUZOHAPP UK Sales Director and Vice President Amusement Sales EMEA, explains why SCAN COIN is the perfect fit for SUZOHAPP. “The SCAN COIN products are high quality with performance levels to match, they look and feel top class. With a proven track record in the retail and banking sectors, these products are perfectly suited for our market”.

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