Gamestec invests further in soundjack BGM

Soundnet has announced that Gamestec has given its seal of approval to the soundjack background music system with a further significant order, placed during the recent EAG show.

soundjack BGM was developed by jukebox music specialist Soundnet as a unique and cost-effective way for leisure machine operators to offer background music services to existing and new sites. Gamestec rolled out the first units in late 2015 and were immediately impressed by the potential.

Stefan Podolanski, senior product manager at Gamestec said, “We have now completed the integration of this system into our product portfolio and our customers are excited by this new innovative background solution, which is flexible for all types of venue. We will be working with Soundnet throughout the year to bring further enhancements of this product to market.”

“We are thrilled to receive this ringing endorsement of the soundjack BGM system from Gamestec. We believe that 2016 will be a year of significant uptake of soundjack, which has really gained traction with operators since its launch,” commented Soundnet’s James Luck.

soundjack bgm is a tablet-based online music background music system with phone app integration. Customers download the soundjack app onto their iPhone or Android devices and while on site can select and play songs from within the preselected library of music for that site. This can be either for a fee or complimentary dependent upon the location’s preferred choice. This can create a whole new revenue stream for sites and machine operators where music was previously only ever a cost.

 soundjack BGM is available to all UK coin operators.


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