Walltopia builds world’s tallest climbing wall

Located down one side of the building that houses CopenHill, Copenhagen, Denmark’s epicenter for urban mountain sport, the climbing wall offers city-dwellers the opportunity to take part in an extreme activity without any significant altitude.

Created by Walltopia, the climbing wall is the tallest in the world at 85 metres tall with a width of 10 metres, and offers various obstacles along the way to the top. The climbing wall is designed and decorated to resemble a natural mountain wall with various overhangs and routes to the top. 

“The wall design was a challenge as we were striving to find the right balance between appearance and functionality – the goal was to create appearance matching the impressive building architecture while designing wall topology that offers supreme climbing experience,” said Vasil Sharlanov, head of sales at Walltopia, who worked on the design. 

“We had to both follow the unique pattern of the building with “bricks” and “openings and also introduce specific climbing features, roofs, arretes, cracks and other fun to climb elements. Since the wall is 80m, it’s difficult to climb it at once, so it was split into 4 pitches, roughly every 20m.”

While grips are mounted, as on most climbing walls, the routes are designed and evaluated to be of a difficult category, where climbing becomes more difficult the higher you get.

A climbing wall of this height is unique, and a multi-pitch certification is required to climb the wall. This means that only experienced and trained climbers are allowed to climb to the top. Children and youths under the age of 18 may only climb multi-pitch on the climbing wall with an experienced adult of 21 years or older – both must be certified.

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