VRstudios’ Men in Black adventure available at Dave & Buster’s

A fourth VR simulator title is now playable at 125 Dave & Buster’s locations across North America. VRstudios – creator of turn-key multiplayer Virtual Reality (VR) attractions for Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) – announced the new exclusive experience for Dave & Buster’s proprietary multiplayer virtual reality simulator – “Men in Black: Galactic Getaway”.

The title is a zany, action-packed interactive experience that is now available to play nationwide, pressing players into service as “accidental” MIB agents on a madcap dash to stop a notorious alien gang from making it to their getaway spaceship and escaping.

The Men in Black universe comes to life as players chase down and apprehend a wacky crew of alien criminals who have stolen deadly jars of glowing green goo and insect parts (of the planet-destroying kind!) before they escape from Earth. But don’t fret: there are two wise-cracking alien guides to help players out every step of the way as they make their way through New York and London, wreaking havoc and causing lots of destruction, and finally to a showdown of epic proportions!

With completely different endings, combined with other elements of variability including subtle differences in gameplay; randomized player characters; seven different randomly assigned weapons; and dialogue that responds real-time to your performance, Men in Black: Galactic Getaway is never the same experience twice. You may even encounter some familiar characters along the way! Players will encounter various environments that are all dynamic, destructible and ripe for maximum havoc-wreaking.

Players will get the chance to wield a large variety of iconic and powerful Men in Black weapons, each featuring different cool effects, visuals, and behaviours. Your alien guides will react uniquely, giving each player a brief intro to their randomly assigned weapon. Also featured are enemies that change in scale, a transforming taxi cab, and tons of gags.

VRstudios has teamed up again with development partner Strange Reptile, after working together to build the successful Star Trek: Dark Remnant for Dave & Buster’s. Together the companies have brought to life a fast-paced, laugh-out-loud Men in Black experience for all to enjoy. Men in Black: Galactic Getaway leverages both VRstudios’ and Strange Reptile’s years of work in Location-Based Virtual Reality, including VRstudios’ deep understanding of the Dave & Buster’s simulator.

“We are extremely proud of our latest game’s incredibly rich and deep experience that will keep players coming back for more,” said Chanel Summers, VRstudios’ Vice President of Creative Development. “We have combined the classic elements of Men in Black with some all-new story elements, weapons and characters, plus gags galore, including a surprise finale that not only evokes the charm of Men in Black but also will definitely put a smile on your face!”

Men in Black: Galactic Getaway is the latest development in the continuing strong partnership between VRstudios and Dave & Buster’s to expand the catalogue of exciting attractions available on Dave & Buster’s proprietary multiplayer VR simulator. Building on a very successful initial nationwide deployment in June 2018, VRstudios’ VRcade Attraction Management Platform (AMP) now manages and operates 140 individual simulators, each running four unique game titles, in Dave & Buster’s locations across North America.

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