Vantage to offer contact tracing solutions during COVID-19 pandemic  

Inspired by the show of fellowship and support sparked by the global COVID-19 pandemic, the team at Canadian lguest management systems provider Vantage has looked at ways that its tracking software could be used in other settings outside of the attractions space.

A platform originally designed to trace guests through a water park via smart wrist bands, Vantage shows operators how guests circulate, what attractions they ride, and where they spend their time. On its own, this information gives a snapshot of the number of people in the park, where they are, and how smoothly their operations are running. “The value stems from linking wrist bands to guest profiles. Each guest of the park is incentivized to create a profile that records any number of details a park wishes to know and that the guest is willing to share,” says Philip Edgell, Vantage’s president. “The guest receives a more personalized experience and the operator, in turn, receives guest details, while allowing them to respond to customer behaviours in real-time,” continued Edgell. 

Vantage currently applies this technology across a range of entertainment venues similar to water parks, such as resorts, family entertainment centers, and museums. However, knowing who has come into contact with whom, of where they visited, and how long they stayed, could also prove beneficial for other types of businesses beyond the attractions space. Being able to contact trace anyone, without the use of cell phones, within a defined space quickly and accurately could help stop the spread of viruses and save lives.

Easily applied to any number of locations, Vantage’s platform can give businesses insight into not only interpersonal interactions but also when contact with facilities and spaces has occurred. Other features include alerts when wrist bands have entered unauthorized zones and real-time location finding.

 If you are a business, whether it be a long-term care facility, daycare, warehouse, work camp, or other type of operation and would like to know more about how Vantage can help, please email:

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