Tamper Evident Bag System (TEBS) – Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology Ltd. (ITL) has introduced the Tamper Evidentinnovative

Bag System (TEBS). TEBS, is a state-of-the-art cash-in-transit system, at

the forefront of cash security technology and revolutionising the way in

which cash is handled. TEBS

validates banknotes in the

exact same manner as

ITL’s other popular

validators. However, after the

banknote has been validated

and accepted it is directed into

a secure tamper evident

cashbag, a preventative measure

to discourage anyone from

interfering with the cash. Each

cashbag can be identified by an

individual barcode that when

scanned will show the exact

amount of cash that is stored in

the bag.

The security of TEBS is rooted in

its ability to eliminate physical cash

handing whilst allowing full traceability. Once

cash has been input into the machine, it is not touched again by human

hands until it has reached the bank or corporate sorting office.

The TEBS unit can be modified to offer a note recycling function,

delivering mixed denomination note recycling to maximise cash



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