Sound Leisure unveils new jukeboxes

On the one hand Sound Leisure is renowned for its beautiful hand-built classic jukeboxes, sold worldwide to enthusiasts. On the other, Sound Leisure is a market leader at the cutting edge of digital jukebox technology for the retail pub sector. These two strands of Sound Leisure expertise now come together in the form of two new Digital Classic jukebox models; the Digital New Yorker and the Digital Rocket, to be revealed at EAG International 2016 – the first floor-standing, design-led jukeboxes created specifically for today’s pub environment.

“The new jukeboxes will bring much-needed theatre back into the jukebox sector, which has been dominated by wall boxes for years now,” said Chris Black, Managing Director. “We know from site tests that floor-standing models can be exceptionally attractive to customers. It is also a myth that wall-mounted jukeboxes save space in the pub, as the area below is often never utilised.”

These stunning looking models also represent a real landmark for Sound Leisure, in that they have been developed and brought to fruition entirely by company founder Alan Black and his original R&D team of Dave Boardman and Phil Patterson. “We really felt there was a need to bring some showmanship back to the jukebox, because everything is starting to look very similar in venues,” said Alan about the two new jukeboxes. “Sound Leisure is now one of only a few jukebox manufacturers left in the world still able to develop from scratch and then produce in-house, traditional floor-standing phonograph products.”

He added, “With the steadfast support of fantastically talented designers like Phil and Dave, we have designed some incredible products for Sound Leisure over the years. Without them, it would not have been possible for Sound Leisure to grow to its present premium position in the world market. Not only are they responsible for much for much of the success the company has had over the years, they are also now imparting that knowledge, skill and passion in to a new generation of designers at Sound Leisure. It has been a great privilege and pleasure to work alongside these exceptionally gifted and clever people, and I really hope that sense of celebration comes out in these new products.”

This trio have over 140 years of combined jukebox design experience. Over a period of 40 years, they have produced over 50 jukebox designs and a dozen jukebox technologies forming the backbone of the jukebox sector for almost half a decade. Many of Alan, Phil and Dave’s technologies are still in use today, on Sound Leisure machines dotted around the world. Such was the thoroughness of the designs, that many early models such as the Series 3 vinyl mechanism still work reliably day after day and have never needed service or repair work.

Alan was delighted in 2013 when the first ever Series 3 jukebox arrived back at SL for its first service. The original owner, who was still in possession of the box reported it had no faults, but thought it would be a good idea to have it checked after 35 years!

The trio were also responsible for the design and production of Sound Leisure’s 21st century CD mechanism, which lead to Sound Leisure’s becoming a major player on the international jukebox scene in the 1980’s. The technology is still used extensively by the companies Classic Jukebox division, which is still growing and signed a major distribution deal with US brand Crosley in 2015.

Sound Leisure will be exhibiting at EAG International 2016 on stand 335.


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