“Biggest choice ever” from SUZOHAPP at EAG 2016

At London’s recent EAG, SUZOHAPP presented its “widest ever” range of solutions to the amusement industry.

Headed up by John Vallis, SUZOHAPP UK Sales Director and Vice President Amusement Sales EMEA, the SUZOHAPP team not only exhibited its extensive product range but also showed new solutions for the very first time.

At the show, SUZOHAPP introduced SCAN COIN to the amusement market. Having joined the SUZOHAPP group of companies less than twelve months ago, EAG was the perfect setting for operators to get to know this specialist in coin and banknote processing and counting.

A wide range of SCAN COIN solutions was showcased on the SUZOHAPP stand, including the latest desktop coin counting DTC range. The DTC9 counts and sorts up to nine different coin denominations at a rate of up to 600 coins per minute. The SCAN COIN Newton is just one example from the banknote sorting range that is a heavy-duty two-pocket currency sorter that uses Windows CE as an operating system, thus creating a well-defined, user-friendly interface. With an ability to count, validate and sort banknotes, at a rate of up to 1200 per minute, unrecognised and suspect notes are rejected without stopping the counting process making this an exceptionally efficient part of the cash office.

“SCAN COIN has over forty years of experience and plays a key role in the retail and banking markets. We are proud to introduce this technology to the amusement market. The quality and reliability of SCAN COIN products speak for themselves. They fit perfectly into our product range. Furthermore, we are in a position to offer field service agreements to the amusement industry. This is also available for the Comesterochangers range of change machines”, explained Vallis.

The selection from Comesterochangers played a prominent role on the SUZOHAPP EAG stand. This included the ROCK (the high-end change machine solution), offering bulk coin acceptance and change into both notes and coins. The RM5 HD electronic coin validator (with sales of well over one million units around the world) is the natural choice for coin validation in amusement machines.

Visitors were also shown the SUZOHAPP PRO range of solutions, including BilliardPRO, DartPRO, InteractivePRO, PowerPRO and LightPRO. The number of solutions developed and manufactured in-house by SUZOHAPP continues to grow and the latest products were on display.

The SUZOHAPP amusement team also introduced a brand new cashless payment solution specifically for the amusement market. As Global Distribution Partner, SUZOHAPP showed IDEAL Software Systems’ product. This universal cashless system offers a debit card that can be used to activate arcade games, purchase food or enjoy timed entitlements.

“Ideal is the right word for this management system and not just the company”, commented Vallis. “It simplifies the process and so encourages customers to engage more during their visits. This all goes to show how committed we are to the amusement industry”.

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