Sean Chung promoted to president of Miziker Entertainment

Miziker Entertainment, a creative design company serving the themed entertainment industry, announced the promotion of Sean Chung to President of the company, effective immediately. A film school graduate, born in Los Angeles and raised in Hong Kong, Chung has been with Miziker Entertainment since 2014, most recently as VP of Strategic Development.

Chung has had an eight-year trajectory in location-based entertainment that has taken him from college grad to company president. Ryan Miziker and Charlotte Huggins brought him into the company with them in 2014 when they took the reins of Miziker Entertainment. He had demonstrated his value to them over the previous two years as part of their team on several theme park projects for Wanda and Chimelong, shortly after earning his BFA in film studies from Art Centre College of Design.

CEO Charlotte Huggins says, “Sean sees opportunities instead of limits. He does business development, creative, project management, client communication – whatever it takes – and he is there for every stage of a project. Simply put, he thinks like an entrepreneur. That is the fundamental thing about Sean that is exciting, and the fundamental reason we made this decision to include him as a senior executive.”

CCO Ryan Miziker says, “Having Sean on our team has allowed Charlotte and me to focus on the next level of building the company. His experience, ability and intelligence, combined with the desire to learn new things, have carried through to everything we do as part of our projects and have fueled the growth of our company. It’s a very positive relationship with a lot of trust and loyalty.”

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