Premier Rides’ Jim Seay inaugural guest on new ITPS podcast

Dennis Speigel, founder and CEO of International Theme Park Services (ITPS) has selected Jim Seay, president of Premier Rides to be the inaugural guest on the all new “I’m 4 Fun” podcast. On 9 September he will share his perspective on how the global pandemic is impacting ride suppliers.

As COVID-19 infection rates continue to ebb and flow around the globe, those in the amusement industry forge ahead, searching for new ways to engage their clients, to try to recover, and to get through this difficult time.

When major parks first began closing at the beginning of the year, industry leaders around the world came together to discuss the situation and to develop guidelines for a safe reopening. While these discussions included manufacturers and suppliers, even after many parks have reopened with these new protocols in place, the focus has largely been on the impact to operators, with little consideration to the manufacturers and suppliers of the attractions industry. This inaugural podcast is intended to correct just that and to place the spotlight on those behind the scenes who design, build and supply parks with the attractions their guests love to ride.

“I’m especially pleased to have Jim Seay, president and owner of Premier Rides for our inaugural live podcast guest,” Speigel noted. “We’ll get Jim’s take on how this global pandemic is impacting ride suppliers and vendors both in the short term and in the long term. This will be an open live discussion without any spin and with audience participation encouraged throughout. It will be a conversation you don’t want to miss.”

Seay commented, “I am extremely honoured to be the inaugural guest on Dennis’ new podcast. The Premier Rides team likes being first and likes blazing trails. We were recently the inaugural sponsor and exhibitor of the IAAPA Virtual Expo: Asia, so this is a natural follow up. I also appreciate that Dennis doesn’t hold back when he expresses his passion for the industry. You know where he is coming from, and I look forward to sharing an unfiltered viewpoint from the suppliers’ perspective.”

The podcast is free to anyone who wishes to attend, but advance registration is required and can be done online at

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