New VR experience YULLBE offers multi-player virtual world

From 17 September, visitors to Europe-Park can experience of a completely new dimension via new VR attraction YULLBE.

Up to eight people and 32 users aged 14 and older can immerse themselves in virtual worlds to experience adventures and challenges.

MackNeXT and VR Coaster developed the full body tracking free roaming VR experience in cooperation with leading international designers and technology manufacturers, including the specialist Vicon. Michael Mack, managing partner of Europa-Park and founder of MackNeXT, said: “YULLBE can not only tell stories, but bring entire worlds to life and enable visitors to experience them. This VR experience sets new standards. It is entertainment of the future.”

YULLBE is located on 600 square metres between the water world Rulantica and the hotel ‘Krønasår’ at Europa-Park. In the attraction, the entire body is displayed as an avatar and the simulation becomes a new reality. The guests can initially choose between two adventures, which differ in terms of duration, content and technical equipment.

As soon as you enter the building and choose your own avatar, the extraordinary excursion to Rulantica begins. Shortly afterwards, after putting on the futuristic backpack PC, the hand and foot trackers and the headset itself, the ultimate 30-minute adventure can begin.

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