Multi-sensory VR centre opens at Spaces Center

Spaces has opened the door to the first Spaces Center, featuring the multi-sensory VR attraction Terminator Salvation: Fight for the Future with more adventures in the pipeline. Located within the recently revamped Irvine Spectrum Center in Orange County, Terminator Salvation: Fight for the Future marks the first time that guests will be able to experience location-based extended virtual reality built by the VR and entertainment team that spun out of DreamWorks.

Friends and family can join the resistance to blast Terminators with the help of Spaces Faces (proprietary 3D scan of guests’ faces), and the top-of-the-line immersive equipment including the HP Omen X VR Backpack workstation PC.

“Many virtual reality experiences are described as ‘You have to see it to believe it’ and that is now a possibility with our first U.S.-based Spaces attraction at Irvine Spectrum Center,” Shiraz Akmal, Spaces CEO says. “We say that guests can ‘Go Anywhere, Do Anything’ and Spaces is opening locations around the world, partnering with premier locations to bring guests closer to the promise of extended reality (XR) than ever before.”

“We designed our VR backpacks precisely to enable visionary, driven teams to create groundbreaking social experiences,” explains Joanna Popper, head of location-based VR entertainment for HP. “Spaces attractions are a natural fit to showcase the unique adventures you can experience when you’re not tethered to a desktop PC or a television. Spaces location-based XR attractions give people the ability to experience a game or movie from the inside. It’s not storytelling, it’s story-living.”

Through virtual mixed reality, haptic feedback, motion platforms and environmental effects, Spaces creates immersive journeys in physical locations that guests can see, hear, and feel, leaving them sure to say: “I’ll be back.”

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