ICE launch life-sized version of arcade classic

Waterfuls, an iconic arcade title from the 80s, has been transformed by ICE into a life-sized version ready for arcades and FECs worldwide. The skill redemption game utilises unique technology in order to replicate the feel of the real water used in the original.

Players push buttons, attempting land rings on the pegs – with each successful ring that lands, more pints are accumulated and equal more tickets for the player. Additionally, there are multi-coloured “mystery rings” which give the player more time, more bonus points, or more rings.

There are multiple bonus opportunities that complement and complete the overall gameplay. The first of the bonuses include rings with letters. When players hook the “letter” rings, they are one step closer to completing the word W-A-T-E-R-F-U-L-S. Once the progressive bonus is completed, a surprise “celebration show” occurs, again adding to the excitement and inviting players to get in on the action! Another big bonus of tickets is rewarded to players who beat the game’s current POINTS high score.

Waterfuls uses a unique holographic technology, which is patent pending, to display the video rings on the backlit physical pegs. This technology helps to bring a special allure to the gameplay when combined with the backlit physical pegs. Waterfuls is easy to learn but tough to master, allowing for a challenging gameplay that begs the players to come back for more, but at the same time provides a casual player with a great experience.

Joe Coppola, VP of sales for ICE stated, “Waterfuls has been out on test now for over 6 months and the results have been excellent. The data we’ve collected shows a high level of repeat play and the feedback from the player base has been very strong. No doubt players feel they get better as they play more and we’ve seen first- hand it’s a game the whole family enjoys!”

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