Five new UNIS machines at EAG 2016

It has been a good year for UNIS (Universal Space Video Game) in the UK & Ireland over the past year, with its 2015 game releases realising good earnings.

2016 has yet more treats in store from this go-ahead global manufacturer including 5 new releases that will be launched at EAG in January on the Instance Automatics Ltd stand.

Ian Eason, Director of Instance Automatics, is looking forward to presenting the new machines. “UNIS has become synonymous for creating family fun redemption pieces at value prices, and on our stand (830) this year there will be four new examples to demo. Alongside these machines will be the Super Big Rig kiddie ride with the unusual voice command feature.”

Polar Igloo – VIDEO REDEMPTION – A classic UNIS skill redemption game with added beautiful visual effects. Cute animals, the morphing screen and the custom fish controller that makes the ball drop gives this game added interest and visual appeal. Includes a bonus jackpot marquee!

Rodeo Race – REDEMPTION – In this new, interactive game from UNIS the player has to shoot the water stream at the moving wheel and stationary targets in order to get his bull to the finish line and win tickets. The fun cowboy theme and interactive bull figures stand out in any game room.

Speedy Feet – VIDEO REDEMPTION – A new kind of a stomping game from UNIS. A great dinosaur theme with 3 levels to stomp through, testing the players’ speed and skill at stomping. The tactile floor buttons blink as the video feed on the screen indicates which dinosaur needs to be sent back into his geyser.

Strike Pro Fishing – VIDEO REDEMPTION – UNIS’s new fishing game using responsive controls modelled on a real fishing rod. Many types of fish to catch and an interactive mini-game included. Once the fish is caught you guess the strength and intensity of the pull with the fishing rod controller. Pull too much and the line will snap. Give too much slack and the fish will get away.

Super Big Rig – EDUCATIONAL KIDS GAME – A family educational game for children and parents from UNIS. Through the use of the voice control system parents can steer the truck by giving it commands, while the children control the game through the traditional steering wheel.

In addition to the new releases will be a collection of current UNIS machines including the very popular Pirate’s Hook and Safari Ranger 4 player pieces along with the new 1 player prize versions. Duo Drive, which was launched at EAG this year, has proved very popular over the year and will also be on the stand to try, as well as the novelty Panning for Gold and Monkey Shake Down. All in all, a great selection of UNIS machines to test out.

More information about the Instance Automatics range can be found on their website, or call 01507 441144.

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