FEC conference for Middle East looms

Advanced Conferences & Meetings (ACM) is launching the Future Play & Playspaces GCC Conference on 17th-18th April 2017 in Dubai, UAE.

The event has been specifically designed to discuss new innovative concepts for Family Entertainment Centres in the GCC, top-tier mall operators and property developers play requirements, strategies to develop parks, playgrounds and upgrade public realm spaces, regulations and standards that govern the development of play facilities, and the indirect and direct benefits of play on children.

The market for family entertainment centres in the region is expected grow significantly over the next three years. Abu Dhabi is investing $35m in developing parks and playgrounds alone in 2016. The GCC’s biggest skatepark opened in January 2016 in Dubai. Major malls in the GCC are planned to start construction in 2017 including Ishbiliyah City Centre in Saudi Arabia ($800m), Mall of Oman ($700m), Phoenix Mall in UAE ($544m), Ibn Battuta Mall Expansion ($450m).

Future Play & Playspaces GCC Conference is an opportunity for those developing, designing, building and equipping indoor and outdoor play facilities across the GCC region to understand the range of issues that are key to the sector’s development. New projects and initiatives will be discussed, complex regulatory matters explained and innovative solutions showcased.


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