Essex Leisure orders 50 VenueHub jukeboxes

The skies may have been grey at the recent Park Avenue Open Day, but Sound Leisure’s spirits were lifted by a large order placed by leading independent UK operator Essex Leisure.

The order for 50 of Sound Leisure’s flagship VenueHub jukeboxes means that it is now the company’s best-selling production model. Since Sound Leisure introduced the Generation 2 software platform at EAG, simplifying the user interface and introducing a Twitter and Flickr feed, a number of large orders have been placed, including a second tranche of 100 for Sceptre Leisure only last month.

Steve Hawkins, Managing Director of Essex Leisure, commented, “Since updating our existing Vhub’s with Gen 2 software and witnessing first hand the lift it has given the cash box we felt that it was now the time to re-invest in our Jukebox estate. Our operation is predominantly Sound Leisure focused, so we already know that the support from Sound Leisure is excellent and this played a big part in us going down the SL route again.”

Chris Black commented “This is another great order for VHubs and I am extremely pleased that another of the UK’s leading operators has committed to our product line. We have worked alongside Steve, Greg and the Essex team for many years and I am delighted with the order.”

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