BoldMove launches new thrill ride ‘Smash & Reload’ within Rogue Rides range

BoldMove has announced its first thrill ride Smash & Reload, a hyper compact and high capacity ride, as part of the new Rogue Rides range.

Benoit Cornet, founder and chief creative officer of BoldMove Corporation, explains: “We experience a true wave of enthusiasm from vendors and partners to put their best skills, people and technology into this exciting new attraction. We are so proud to pull this expertise together to build a next generation of dark rides with our customers. We address today’s needs and challenges with compact, yet high-capacity, fun rides packed with action and within reach of every budget.”

Rogue Rides is fully weather-proof and able to operate as a stand-alone attraction all-year round. Smash & Reload is ideal for theme parks, but can also fit leisure venues like family parks, entertainment and retail centres. The ride can be installed as a complete solution or can be entirely adjusted to the customer needs, from projection system, decor and branding to vehicle choice.

Smash & Reload meets demanding budgets and small footprints, starting at 225m2, yet offering a throughput of 360 people per hour. The game is highly dynamic and suits all ages. The competitive dimension combined with a hall of fame, makes it a highly repetitive and addictive ride. Therefore it is ideal for team building and competitions with up to five teams ‘battling’ simultaneously, providing a total ride capacity of 30 people. The giant leaderboard outside engages external spectators so the  fun already starts at the queue line, increasing adrenaline levels and eagerness to enter the game arena.

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