BMI Leisure powers Xtreme Action Park

BMI Leisure has worked closely with Xtreme Action Park, Florida’s largest family entertainment centre to replace the FEC’s manned cashier stations with self-serve kiosks. The major registration area overhaul was necessary for Xtreme Action Park to address surging crowds and long lines.

“We quickly noticed that we were getting busier and busier. The only solution to a line going out the door was to literally add 10 more cashiers and an additional front desk,” said Seth Behar, Xtreme Action Park’s director of operations and technology. “So either we hire 10 new people and build a whole new counter, or we do it with software.”

The support BMI Leisure provided during the setup process helped ease any concerns Xtreme Action Park might have had about switching from manned cashier stations to frictionless kiosks.


Behar said: “I was hesitant about the idea of these kiosks. It made us nervous that we had to buy more machines, but our relationship with BMI Leisure was strong enough that we ended up working with them to get the kiosks deployed. The development support we got was unparalleled.”

“Operationally, the BMI Leisure self-serve kiosks have eliminated the lines going out the door, down the stairs, and into the parking lot,” added Behar. “Because we’ve basically turned eight cashiers into 40. During peak hours it’s saved us literally 30+ employees’ worth of payroll.”

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