Amusement Products partners with VEX Solutions

Amusement Products has signed an agreement with VEX Solutions to become the sole distributor of VEX VR systems in North America.

Amusement Products will assume the manufacturing and installation of all new VEX Arenas and VEX Adventure systems. VEX will continue to create unique and exciting game content for these flagship attractions, as well as develop new VR systems. The existing VEX VR systems feature fully free roaming experiences for the most dynamic game feel.

“The VEX Arena and VEX Adventure will give our customers a chance to add the most amazing and profitable VR systems to their facilities,” said Dutch Magrath, president of Amusement Products. “We are excited to add VEX to our Amusement Products attraction offerings.”

The VEX Adventure is the leading hyper-reality attraction that delivers memorable adventures with 4D effects including haptic feedback, wind, smell, heat, vibrating floors, vibrating vests, vibrating masks, and hand recognition. As players transport from one area of the game to another, they not only get the visual sensation of being inside the game but can also feel and smell the environment for a fully immersive experience.

The VEX Arena is a lower cost arena with a wide variety of games, both competitive and cooperative. Scalable from four to 10 players, the VEX Arena also has built-in E-Sports available. Players can compete at a location on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or compete with players in VEX Arenas in world-wide tournaments. Both the VEX Adventure and the VEX Arena systems have automated registration systems and automatic marketing to previous customers.

“We are excited to announce VEX’s partnership with Amusement Products which is now the exclusive distributor of our hyper-immersive products in North America,” added VEX Solutions co-founder and CEO, Julien Henricot. “VEX Adventure and VEX Arena systems have already been a hit throughout Europe, the U.S., and around the world. Amusement Products’ experience and manufacturing power will propel VEX’s implementation in the North American market to new heights. We are proud to team up with Dutch and his company to deliver memorable adventures and immersive fun to all North American customers.”

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