13th Floor Entertainment Group haunted house at Old Joliet Haunted Prison

US-based creator of haunted attractions, 13th Floor Entertainment Group, is set to breathe life back into famed, long-abandoned The Old Joliet Haunted Prison, located outside of Chicago.

Opening to the public on 18 September 2021, for the Halloween season, this will be Chicagoland’s first and only haunted house inside a real abandoned prison.

Originally built as a women’s prison in 1896, The Old Joliet Haunted Prison is located in the annexe building at 401 Woodruff Road in Joliet, Illinois. The famed, long-abandoned prison has been referenced in numerous television, film, literature, and musical works. It is purportedly haunted and closed its doors in 2002. This fall, the grounds and interior of the prison will be transformed into a breath-taking haunted house.

To celebrate its opening, The Old Joliet Haunted Prison will giveaway five keys to the prison gates to allow a lifetime pass to the Haunted Prison.

Image: https://hauntedprison.com/ 

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