Semnox goes live in 15 new locations in UK

Semnox, a leading solutions provider for the leisure and entertainment industry, has implemented its systems in 15 new amusement locations over the past year in United Kingdom, including well-known venues like M&Ds Scotland Theme Park and Codonas.

Semnox has seen a tremendous response from the UK market with the post-COVID demand for touchless, cashless and contactless operations. While the UK market has always been apprehensive about the move to contactless operations, the sudden surge in demand owing to the pandemic has changed the priorities for the operators to focus on providing a safe and secure environment with minimum contact points for customers.

Some of the most popular contactless solution offerings from Semnox for the industry include online e-commerce websites, customer mobile app solutions and other self-servicing technologies like ticketing kiosks and redemption kiosks. Semnox customers have seen a 30-40% rise in the online and app sales in past 2 years. Now most of locations have 60-75 % of their sales revenue driven by these online channels. Semnox online solution can support general ticketing, attraction booking, new card purchase and top-up, capacity management, party booking, agent booking and waiver solutions, seamlessly integrated into one platform.

“We have been seeing an increasing demand in businesses looking at online sales platforms like websites and mobile apps to support their physical ticket sales. The growth was expected but the pandemic has pushed the increase in demand by at least 20-30% beyond the industry expectation. This is great news for us as our web and mobile platforms are completely integrated and robust, with great feedback from across the globe,” said Ashish KS, group client manager, Semnox Solutions.

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