KidZania Fukuoka officially opens

KidZania, one of the fastest growing and innovative edutainment concepts in the world, has opened KidZania Fukuoka. The third KidZania City in Japan joins KidZania Tokyo (2006) and KidZania Koshien (2009) in their aim to empower children to get ready to create a better world.


Out of its 5.5 million inhabitants, 12.2% of Fukuoka’s population are children, which makes it the ideal location for a new KidZania City.

KidZania Fukuoka is the first KidZania facility that has fully implemented the KidZania 5.0 model. The main objective of KidZania 5.0 is to excel in terms of sustainability and showcase the world as it should be.

With more than 60 role-playing establishments, the facility located at Lalaport Fukuoka shopping centre, will put special emphasis on integrating the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as part of its content, while also offering new educational value-added activities.

KidZania Fukuoka has signed 37 Purpose Partners (sponsors), so far. Through the power of role-playing, some of the companies featured in KidZania Fukuoka include ANA, Fukuoka Bank, KDDI, Mitsubishi Motors, Netflix, Seiko, Yakult, among others.

To celebrate this important milestone for the company, several events were conducted. KidZania Fukuoka hosted a moving foundation ceremony, where children had the stellar role. At this lively event, Mrs. Melba Pria, Mexico’s Ambassador in Japan; Mr. Inoue Takahiro, Member of Fukuoka’s House of Representatives; Mr. Michinari Tsumuraya, Director of KidZania Fukuoka; and Mr. Xavier Lopez Ancona, CEO of KidZania, shared their excitement for being part of this iconic milestone.

KidZania Fukuoka has a footprint of 4,045 square meters, a total construction of 6,765 square meters and expects an annual attendance of 320,000 visitors.

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