ICYMI: This week’s GAP Daily

Here’s a quick recap of what was on this week’s GAP Daily news email. 

FEATURE: Jumping at the chance

With the trampoline market demonstrating enormous and rapid growth, video capture specialist Tape My Day explored ways to bring its automated system, which provides a detailed recording of individual customers’ days out, to the booming sector.

TRAMPOLINES: New Flip Out on the way

Flip Out is opening another new site in Blackburn in a few days time.

US ANALYSIS: A league of their own

In the US, tournaments and leagues have long been a popular way for game enthusiasts to add a human competitive element and also happen to be a great way to bring people into your attraction. Sharon Harris explains more….

KARTING: New track for Coventry

A new TeamSport indoor go-karting track is opening in Coventry on the site of a former factory.

FEATURE: Eyes down for a full house

As entertainment centres aim to keep both kids and adults happy, including those that don’t fancy or perhaps aren’t up to scrambling round a play tower, Chris Shipley from Leisure Electronics argues the case for bingo…




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