GeWeTe looks back at successful ENADA Rimini

ENADA Rimini was the perfect location for GeWeTe, Germany’s leading change machine manufacturer, to present its ‘made in Germany’ solutions. The demands on change machines vary depending on the market sector.

Both bar and arcade operators can look to GeWeTe for all their change machine requirements.

The bar sector needs the more classic type of change machine, known as ‘cambio – cambio’. This means the possibility to change banknotes to coins and vice versa. In particular, the ‘Cash Recycler Compact’ provides all the necessary solutions with an integrated banknote recycler (either the Merkur Dispenser 100 or the JCM iPro RC) and a coin hopper capacity for approx. 5,500 euros in coins. The multi-coin acceptor enables players to tip their complete winnings at one time into the allotted segment of the change machine for the coins then to be automatically counted and sorted.
The arcade segment requires a complete money-handling solution, especially for larger arcades. The GeWeTe arcade solutions are aimed for VLT market, AWP market and the combination of both. Therefore, GeWeTe change machine solutions are dedicated to both the Comma 6a and Comma 6b markets and can be used at the same time to solve both market segment change giving requirements. The ‘Cash-Centre’, the ‘Cash-Recycler’, the ‘Maxi-Cash-Recycler’ and the ‘Mega-Cash-Recycler’ are all ideal for the VLT and AWP markets in arcades. These PC-based change machines can be linked to any of the VLT providers in Italy. The right choice for the right requirements – this is how GeWeTe works.

Aristidis Tsikouras, Managing Director of GeWeTe, knows full well how important such ‘made in Germany’ change machine security is to Italian operators, stating, “We provide the right change machine for every application. We understand the different market requirements and design and manufacture these directly in Germany to ensure the highest possible design, service and security. We are extremely successful in the Italian gaming market and enjoyed strong demand for our products during the ENADA Rimini”.

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