TAB announces addition of social features to Fun4Four

Since its introduction, the Fun4Four multigame and multiplayer table has established itself as the first thought people have in the multigame amusement market. TAB has developed exciting new games and great new features to increase operators’ takings and enhance the players’ gaming experience.

Now, smartphone-technology joins Fun4Four – more features, more possibilities, stunning new processes and definitely more fun is guaranteed .The new Fun4Four App is designed to bring the ease and convenience of smartphone gaming to the multigame table.

Playing on multiplayer and multigame table Fun4Four with smartphones opens up numerous new opportunities and brings maximum fun to the multigame table. Players participate in the game in a totally new way. Hide information or cards, which are not meant for the eyes of others. Jump, fly, dodge obstacles, collect, and control the next move or the next deal from your device.

TAB is known for employing the very latest technology to craft all the games on the 42” multi touch widescreen which allows playing for up to six players on the table, creating a better and more immersive experience for all players. According to the company, “we have established a completely new gaming process in the out-of-home-entertainment market”.

Texas Hold´em HD is the first game on Fun4Four with the brand new mobile feature. Up to six devices may connect with the multigame table. Players are able to hide their hand and to control the game by spinning and touching the device. Get in touch with the new mobile solution of Fun4Four and turn your iPhone/iPad or Android device to a Poker-Hotspot. This is the first mobile app that allows to play on our Fun4Four – get ready to take your poker experience to a whole new level.

Top features:

* Choose the next Fun4Four table with the latest mobile version. Select the number of players, connect to the machine and start playing

* Easy reconnection after you have been interrupted by an incoming call or resume playing on the machine during the call

*Multiplayer – up to six players possible

*Detailed Texas Hold´em game rules

*Enhanced player experience

*high-end and realistic poker floor

*Download App

Bringing the new mobile feature of the Fun4Four table is the next vital step in developing modern and state of the art out-of-home entertainment products. Through this new way of playing operators engage players in a completely new process, a very important factor in TAB’s providing new features and solutions to broaden its customer and player-base.

TAB’s innovative games content and the new mobile feature for up to six players guarantee even better results and an increased fun factor compared to other amusement machines.

So, sound the call to battle and join the Fun4Four challenge.

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