BOWLING: Ardent deal for Qubica down under

Bowling firm QubicaAMF Worldwide and Ardent Leisure, one of Australia’s most successful leisure and entertainment groups, have partnered for a major refurbishment programme across Ardent’s business.

Beginning in August 2015, the two began working on modernisation projects and new centre development in Australia, along with major installations with Main Event Entertainment, which is owned by Ardent Leisure and operated in the US.

QubicaAMF has been selected as a dedicated partner for Ardent’s Bowling & Entertainment division, with plans to replace older pinsetter machines with new TMS String Pinspotters and to upgrade 82-70XL Pinspotters with XLi technology. In addition, QubicaAMF will be the exclusive scoring provider for Ardent, supplying BES X and Conqueror Pro to all new Kingpin facilities. Highway66 technology has also been incorporated in new Playtime Arcades.

Ardent Leisure’s business categories include theme parks, attractions and indoor entertainment. Under its bowling and entertainment umbrella, Ardent Leisure owns AMF Bowling, Kingpin Bowling, Playtime Arcades and Main Event Entertainment. In March 2016, Main Event officially selected QubicaAMF as exclusive provider of bowling technology, installing BES X, the world’s only Bowler Entertainment System, in all of its centres throughout the US.

“Building upon our relationship with QubicaAMF, we are excited to continue to work with a company who is committed to the same mission of driving the future of entertainment, including new bowling technology,” said Nicole Noye, CEO, Bowling & Entertainment in Australia & NZ, Ardent Leisure. “With a dedicated office in Australia, QubicaAMF has played an integral role in enhancing the bowling experience through delivering the most innovative bowling products and its proven service model. We are looking forward to a continued partnership.”

Ardent is working closely with QubicaAMF to expand multiple Kingpin and Playtime locations across Australia and New Zealand. Keeping bowling as a core component, the Bowling & Entertainment division will continue to execute its transformation strategy to multifaceted entertainment. Ardent Leisure chose to first focus on upgrades of their Kingpin facilities (Darwin, Harbourside, Townsville, Crown, and North Strathfield) to the BES X Bower Entertainment System, Conqueror Pro Management and replacing Micros POS with Conqueror POS.  In addition, Ardent has replaced the old pinsetters at the Castle Hill, North Strathfield and Kingpin Crown locations with the new TMS String Pinspotters.

“We have been blown away by the technology and success of the QubicaAMF products which we have recently invested in,” added Belinda Falzon, COO, Bowling & Entertainment in Australia & NZ, Ardent Leisure. “The BES X Bowler Entertainment System is unlike any bowling experience we have ever offered, and the TMS String Pinspotter and XLi technology has dramatically increased our operational efficiency within our centers.”

Building upon their recent expansion projects and success at these centres, Ardent has chosen to invest heavily in QubicaAMF scoring and pinspotting technology over the next three years.  “The safety of our customers and team is paramount, combined with the improved guest satisfaction,” continued Nicole Noye. “The TMS Pinspotter’s technology and safety standards are a great step forward, supporting our mantra of everyone goes home safe.”

“It is clear that Ardent Leisure is committed to the growth of their brands and have highlighted their Bowling & Entertainment division as an opportunity to expand upon their strategy of creating a multifaceted entertainment experience,” states Jay Buhl, Senior VP and General Manager, QubicaAMF Worldwide.  “We share a similar philosophy and passion for innovation, and enjoy our partnership to deliver a better guest experience for their customers by providing the industry’s most innovative bowling products.”



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