Wilderness announces two new projects for 2017

Wisconsin’s Wilderness Resort has unveiled two new projects for 2017, adding a third Room Escape for families with younger children, and replacing the current Timberland Playhouse with a new and improved Playhouse.

The new room will be designed especially for families with younger children, ages five to ten, and it will also be located at Wilderness on the Lake. It will feature a family-friendly, bright and colourful circus theme in tribute to the Ringling Bros., who founded ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ in 1884 in nearby Baraboo. Unlike the Wilderness’s other two room escapes, which are for teams of up to twelve people, this new room will be smaller and will accommodate groups of up to six people.

The challenge presented will be to find the key needed to locate the missing circus acts and start the Big Top Performance. Children will be encouraged to do most of the investigating while parents help with putting the deciphered riddles and clues into the final order to solve the puzzle. Families will have 30 minutes to complete the experience. The new room is tentatively set to open in March 2017.#17 Family In Front Wilderness Sign

The resort’s general manager, Joe Eck, said: “Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Wilderness on the Lake’s two current room escapes, resort management has contracted with Illinois-based D.O.A. to create a third team building experience.”

Starting on April 25th, Timberland Playhouse will close for a brief four week period so it can be completely dismantled and re-created.

According to Eck, the new play structure will have four stories of fun instead of three, and it will feature six slides, swings, tunnels, an arched bridge and 39 climbs and crawls for children aged twelve and under. For toddlers the Timberland Playhouse will feature a separate gated area specifically designed for those four years of age and younger and is scheduled to open at the end of May.

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