Dubai rides win for IE Park

Italian ride manufacturer IE Park, established supplier of rides and attractions to locations throughout the Middle East, has announced the installation of three rides at one of the latest venues to open in Dubai – IMG Worlds of Adventure.

Centrally located within the heart of new, Dubai, it is the world’s largest indoor theme park, owned and managed by IMG Worlds. Spanning 1.5 million square feet with over 20 rides and attractions, 28 F&B outlets and 25 retail stores.

Theme park operator and manager, IMG Worlds chose three rides, The Ride of OOO (the monorail), Quinjet and Dino Carousel for the park, all supplied by IE Park.

The Ride of OOO is located in the Cartoon Network zone and has a track height of 12m, featuring eight four-seat gondolas, which travel around a 292m long track.

The Quinjet is a Telecombat ride featuring 12 airplane style vehicles, each with two seats, and utilises a hydraulic and pneumatic lift system for each of the 12 arms. Themed on Marvel’s Avengers, the ride is interactive and the winner of a ‘battle’ is declared after each ride. One of the airplanes is also equipped to allow access for guests with disabilities.IMG 1

The 15m carousel supplied by IE Park is one of the company’s largest such rides and is suitably themed for its place in the Lost Valley – Dinosaur Adventure zone. The ride incorporates six different designs of hand carved dinosaurs on which guests ride. Additionally there is a bench for passengers with disabilities and very small children, providing a total capacity of 44 riders. Direct access to the ride by wheelchair users is also a feature.

“IMG Worlds of Adventure is a major development for Dubai and a key new opening for the attractions industry in the Middle East as a whole,” said IE Park managing director, Andrea Munari. “We are delighted to have been involved in the project with the supply of three new innovative rides, all carefully designed and themed to fit perfectly with the themed environments in which they operate.”

Lennard Otto, CEO of IMG Worlds of Adventure, commented: “When we were creating IMG Worlds of Adventure it was important to create a new standard of theme park experience, one that appealed to Dubai’s tourists and visitors of all ages and therefore we chose three rides from IE Park as due to both their superior quality and glowing customer enjoyment they enabled us to achieve this goal.’’

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