What a Fantastic Prize!

Unis Technology introduces its newest and most popular merchandiser – Fantastic Prize. This is is an exciting prize game where players must use their skills to cut a piece of string to win the hanging prize inside. Fantastic Prize has all the right ingredients to encourage repeat play. The game looks easy but requires skills to win!

The prize is tied to a piece of string at the top of the machine. Using the button, player must guide the metal cutters and position them to cut the string. Once the string is cut, the prize drops down and the player can open the door to claim the prize.

Fantastic Prize can hold prizes as large as 70 inches. Jumbo plush toys are a popular choice as they grab attention, and the idea of winning a super large prize appeal to players of all ages. Operators are also having great success with high ticket prizes such as electronics/ game systems etc.  With endless prize mix possibilities, operators have plenty of options to choose from.

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