Inowize releases hero-themed VR Game for Arkadia VR Arena

Inowize has released a new Virtual Reality game for its out-of-home entertainment platform, called Heroik. The experience is available through their flagship product Arkadia VR Arena to all current and future locations at no extra charge.


Heroik is an adaptation of competitive battle arena games for Virtual Reality and the experience is designed for both casual gamers and e-sports players. It’s perfect for fun and spirited matches between friends and family members, but it’s also a great choice for more intense e-sports competitions.


“We are genuinely excited about the launch of Heroik, the most complex project we have developed for Arkadia VR. Gamers are going crazy these days for battle arena games, and we thought it would be loads of fun if we could bring this concept to VR and adapt it for entertainment centres,” said Claudia Mihalache, CEO at Inowize.


One of the unique aspects of the game is that players get to take on the role of superheroes while using two controllers. They can choose between six unique characters, divided into three different classes. Each class has its own combat style, and each hero has its own special abilities – some of them carry two weapons, while some have a powerful shield and a weapon. Players choose the hero based on their abilities, which are thoroughly explained at the beginning of the game.


“There are plenty of elements that make Heroik stand out. During our beta tests, it was amazing to see people excited about wanting to try out all the characters in the game. After the discovery phase, they were exploring traits and figuring all kinds of strategies to give them that winning edge. Heroik looks brilliant and feels amazing, its replay value is through the roof, it is the perfect game for both casual fun and intense competitions,” said Razvan Vornicu, Inowize’s Game Producer


The hero theme, the unique characters, and abilities, the different combat styles, the layered gameplay, all these traits give Heroik a huge replay value and make it a perfect game for family entertainment centres and e-sports competitions. Arkadia launched a new feature for their platform that allows operators to host two different game sessions simultaneously. This means that three guests can enjoy a round of Heroik, with their own leaderboard and choice of characters, while two or three others can join in their own individual session. This significantly enhances the guest experience, throughput, and revenue, with an increase of 25-40% since the feature was installed in current operating facilities.



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