WATERPARKS: New ride revealed for refurbished Coral Reef

Coral Reef Waterworld near Bracknell in Berkshire has revealed the name of a fourth waterslide which will be opening at the newly revamped water park next month.

Five new flumes will be added to the park which has been closed since January 2016 as part of a £13million makeover.  The other rides to be named so far are Storm Chaser, Aqua Splash and The Cannon. The fifth and final ride will be revealed soon.

The fourth ride will be named Poseidon’s Peril and will send swimmers on a choppy descent before drawing them into the slide’s iconic super crater.

The slide will allow riders to travel on an inflatable two person raft and will be customisable so riders can choose their experience and theme. Inside, the slide is covered with 20 individual light rings which will change colour and rotate, giving the rider the sensation of swirling and increasing speed. The rider’s chosen theme will be projected all around them inside the super crater, with accompanying lights and sounds.

A camera will take an action picture of the adventure, which will be displayed on a 42” screen at the end of the slide. Riders will then have the option to email the photo to themselves so they can share on social media.

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