SYSTEMS: Semnox installed at three more UK parks

Green Space Leisure has expanded its cashless solution, adding Semnox’s system in three additional UK parks.

Semnox’s cashless debit card system is now installed at four parks owned and operated by Green Space. The system allows customers to purchase a stored value card from one location that can be used at the other locations. It is possible through the use of an integrated system in a cloud based environment.

“We have been very impressed with the performance of Semnox’s cashless system at our first park and had no hesitation in implementing it and extending the cashless facility at our other parks” said Jay Wheatly, owner of Green Space Leisure. “Semnox was able to demonstrate their ability to innovate and bring in new technology that not only helped us streamline our operations but also meant we were able to improve customer convenience.”

“We believe we have the right product and solution to cater to this industry, and our strong expertise in building new features and bringing in rapid product enhancements has helped us expand our client base in this region,” said Umesh Prabhu, director of Semnox Solutions.

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