THEMING: Creative Works raises Stars and Strikes

Georgia-based entertainment facility Stars and Strikes hired Creative Works to install several immersive attractions in multiple locations: Cumming, Georgia; Augusta, Georgia; and Huntsville, Alabama.

In tandem with these recent installs, Stars and Strikes is updating technical and design elements in all new and pre-existing locations.

Additionally, Creative Works installed the Atomic Rush arcade attraction in multiple Stars and Strikes locations.

Creative Works vice president of sales, Russ Van Natta, said: “They [Stars and Strikes] are a part of a group called the Multi-Unit Bowling Information Group, a group that shares data with one another in order to have better operations and insight. Stars and Strikes were seeing some very positive improvements with other operators that had our themed arenas with regards to repeat play and overall increased revenue.”

The first of the three laser tag arena installations went into Stars and Strikes’ Cumming, Georgia. location. The facility had a pre-existing, single story laser tag build. However, Creative Works transformed the original space into a two-story, cybernetic arena that incorporated the original Lasertron equipment. Additionally, spaceship-esque archways were installed in arena, as well as a window for patrons to peek into the briefing room.

“That was a challenging task by working within a pre-existing space with no room to move walls or widen areas,” Van Natta explained. “However, our talented design team did a wonderful job and it turned out great in the end.”

Creative Works’ most recent install for the Stars and Strikes franchise took place in the new Huntsville, Alabama location. The new ground-up build arena emulated many of the same themed elements from the Cumming, Georgia location. But, with more flexibility with a build catered to Creative Works’ design, more theming options became available. Using a similar cybernetic theme, Creative Works added rigged drone props and custom mural work both inside the two-story arena and in the main lobby.

“We did some amazing work in the lobby to bring the attraction out into the lobby for the guests” said Van Natta.

The Huntsville Stars and Strikes opened Saturday, September 23, 2017. Lastly, Creative Works is in the process of installing another two-story arena in the newest Stars and Strikes facility in Augusta, Georgia. This location is another ground-up build, meaning that similar elements from the Huntsville facility will be used, including rigged drone props and custom mural work. Stars and Strikes have yet to release an official opening dates for the Augusta, Georgia store.

With three arenas down, Creative Works strives to continue their work with Stars and Strikes.

“We’re now in the process of evaluating their other remaining existing locations,” said Van Natta. “The overall plan is to convert all of their arenas into themed, story-driven arenas.”

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