South Korea sees new XR K-pop experience

An extended reality K-pop experience has opened in the city of Seoul, allowing visitors to star in their own music videos.

Called K-Pop Ground, the attraction is comprised of five studios which feature props, “production tech” and other staging elements, mirroring music videos from K-pop artists such as BTS and Aespa. notes that visitors are immersed in environments with “flashy, colourful lighting,” which they can change to their liking, along with the song choice for their video.

Two possible choices for the videos are a laundromat and spaceship, said to resemble popular K-pop videos.

On the venue’s second floor, visitors can enjoy an immersive space where they can interact with the staff of a ‘quirky’, imaginary K-pop entertainment company.

K-Pop Ground can be found within the Hi from Korea, or HiKR Ground, complex, located in Seoul’s Jongno District.

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