Simworx teams up with Jora for pirate concept

Simworx, the specialist supplier of media-based dynamic simulation attractions, has teamed up with Dutch design and theming specialist Jora Vision to create a brand new attraction concept based on its Immersive Tunnel.

Utilising a pirate theme, The Curse of Blackstorm Bay is a fully immersive experience which combines Simworx’s expertise in dynamic simulation attractions and Jora Vision’s theming and creative concept design skills to create a next generation version of the former’s Immersive Tunnel. It features an original storyline based on the world of pirates and full of humour, action and suspense, The Curse of Blackstorm Bay immerses guests in the adventure from the pre-show and queue line areas all the way through to the main show element.

To begin the experience, guests enter an English navy fortress in the Caribbean set in approximately 1650, named Blackstorm Bay, and learn that the navy is looking for new recruits. They are asked to join naval commander Captain Bootneck and his parrot Wiggles for patrol duty in a small fleet of ships. The trip does not go as planned and the ‘crew’ is attacked by pirates and encounter a sea witch which finally transforms into a Kraken.

A fight follows, causing the ship to spin, break in two, fly through the air and finally sink into the deep, while another naval ship is almost devoured by the creature. Captain Bootneck manages to steer the ship from peril and, with the help of his new recruits, returns to the safety of the fortress.

The full turnkey attraction features a dark ride scene with projection and physical theming as part of the show, while instead of the ride vehicle being the more familiar jeep or tram, in Blackstorm Bay it’s a pirate galleon. A real water basin around the galleon helps to simulate a journey on the sea and 30 or 60 seat versions are available.

The attraction utilises Simworx features including 60 3DOF seats in the rider vehicle/galleon, the track on which the galleon sits, 3D projection onto curved screens, 2D projection screens, the water basin around the ride, audio visual content and hardware, show control throughout the attraction and wind effects. Concept design, theming and décor production design, art direction of the movie and audio content and vehicle theming will be carried out by Jora Vision.

“The Curse of Blackstorm Bay is a stunning new concept for our Immersive Tunnel and takes the attraction and experience provided to a whole new level,” said Simworx sales director Edward Pawley. “The ride immerses guests as soon as they enter the pre-show area and continues to do so all the way through the queue line areas and into the main show element. It’s a fun, exciting and highly entertaining experience for most ages and a great addition to what Simworx has to offer.”

Simworx is recognised as a world leader in the supply of media based dynamic simulation attractions – including its 4D effects cinemas and Immersive Tunnel – for the worldwide entertainment, education and corporate markets. Its capabilities extend from full turnkey solutions, custom attractions, product development, manufacturing and service support, to film content and complete themed attractions. Clients also have access to a vast film library with hugely varied subject content suitable for the wide variety of venue types the company works with.

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