RLMS reveals more product news for ACOS

As part of its countdown preparations for October’s ACOS, national distribution firm RLMS Sales has unveiled a further three products for visitors to check out during their visit to Stamford Bridge on October 14 and 15. They comprise Astra Games’ innovative Illumi EOB Display system, Empire’s lo-tech Cat C Tic Tac Toe and the Project Cat B3 Fortune Hunter. They join a growing show line-up that includes Astra’s Cat B3 Magic Lotto Ultra; Supernova’s Skill Ball Deluxe SWP and Project’s lo-tech Cat C Jack’s or Better.

Astra’s Illumi EOB system comes in two formats, static and video. Both offer a highly flexible, visually striking solution for arcade operators seeking to raise player awareness of new games and in-venue locations. Empire’s Tic Tac Toe draws its inspiration from a popular tried and tested theme and is aimed fairly and squarely at the AGC and bingo sectors. Project’s Fortune Hunter, meanwhile, comprises a 10-strong compendium that’s stunningly presented for AGC and bingo operators.

Sales Director Tony Glanville commented: “This line up of products takes into consideration virtually every aspect of the business. We have a compelling range of games for every coin-op genre and, with concepts such as the Illumi EOB, a useful tool for operators to enhance the way they promote their business to customers.”

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