DRGT systems on “full power” at Emerald Casino

Emerald Casino in South Africa, part of the Caesars Entertainment Group, has become DRGT’s latest customer. With a combined total of 540 reel and video slots from a wide range of slots manufacturers and 23 Tables, Emerald has installed almost all of DRGT’s latest system modules.

By making the move from a Coin-based environment to Cashless Cards and using the latest drScreenMini 6.2” Player Tracking Touch Interface and Dual Slot Card Reader, Emerald Casino is now experiencing the benefits and efficiencies of implementing the DRGT drCashless solution on all slots.

In addition to this, all 23 tables have been fitted with the drTable Manager solution, which includes a 15” Touch Screen Terminal fitted with a RFID Card Reader. The great advantage of this solution is that not only does this module allow live table results, but it also enables full Player Tracking and affords the Player the luxury of buying in directly at the table from their Cashless Account. This greatly speeds up transaction times, reduces table fills and credits and ultimately allows more time to play and invokes more gaming satisfaction with customers.

The DRGT system tracks the cash throughout the casino: from the Vault, to the Cash desk, to the floor and back through the count room. Numerous device interfaces such as a Note Counter in the Count Room speed up transaction times and allow transfer of the count directly into the system.

The benefits of DRGT are seen as soon as the customer enters the casino. At the reception desk, drMember is interfaced to an Identity Document Scanner that automatically populates player data from the passport or ID card right into the drMember module. It even takes a picture of the document and is interfaced to a Signature Pad to digitally capture the player’s signature into the system.

Asked how long it took to install all of the DRGT modules throughout the casino, Charl Geyser, Managing Director of DRGT Africa, replied, “The change from a Coin environment to a Cashless one is never an easy process, but in saying that and adding the fact that there were over 80 different slots bases across the floor, we still managed to do the full installation in under two weeks. This included the data migration from their legacy system, which was seamlessly carried out in under an hour.”

Feedback from Emerald Casino has been excellent: Paul Lingeri, Slots Manager at Emerald Casino, added, “The speed at which you can start playing is the edge it has over other systems. With the ability to just walk from one machine to another and transfer money to a machine in under 6 seconds, you have to love the system”.

Marinda Gerber, the Cashiering Manager noted, “It is very quick to balance a cashier. It takes under five minutes. The drCage interface is extremely easy to use”.

Jurgen De Munck, CEO and co-founder of DRGT, is rightly proud to thank and welcome Emerald Casino to the ever-growing DRGT customer base. He noted, “DRGT systems not only have a great positive effect on reducing ongoing costs, but also through the drPlayerTracking, drJackpots and drBonusing modules, we have the ability to help operators drive increased revenue. In support of this, we significantly reduced their IT Infrastructure and not only that, the move from Coin to Card has added so many efficiencies that the casino is now offering 24/7 gaming. The long-term benefits of using DRGT are very powerful”.

The DRGT system is modular and flexible, each casino is different and DRGT allows Operators with many types of sites to choose the right solution for their requirements. Emerald Casino as an example has implemented well over ten different ‘dr’ modules to match their needs.

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