RECRUITMENT: Gulliver’s trains up new blood

Gulliver’s theme parks is training up six new hopefuls on its in-house management training programme, working across its three UK parks.

They have each committed to a year-long, intensive course designed to immerse them in every aspect of Gulliver’s business. Since a career in theme parks is a very distinct type of role, Gulliver’s struggled to find a training programme that fitted its business – so it developed its own.

Dean Kimberley, director of guest services for Gulliver’s theme parks, said: “Working at Gulliver’s is a very unique experience, which is why we tailored our own in-house training programme to produce the Gulliver’s managers of the future. The Gulliver’s Management Training Programme is in its third year and is designed to equip our trainee managers with the skills they need to be successful in what is a very competitive industry. Things such as: leadership, practical skills, technical understanding and product knowledge are all vital to our business being successful in the future.  Our management trainees will benefit from spending time at each of our three UK theme parks in Warrington, Matlock Bath and Milton Keynes. It’s a very hands-on programme with a good mix of structured on-the-job and off-the-job training, plus work-based projects linked to each placement.”

The six new trainees were selected from hundreds of applicants through a recruitment process which included assessment days and theme park tours, plus activities to identify leadership and team working skills. Shortlisted candidates were also asked to pitch to a directorial panel their ideas for a new attraction for Gulliver’s.

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