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Reaching new heights – Global Amusements & Play

Reaching new heights

Kids Climbing Zones are the new must for Climbing gyms, says Sofia Cohen, chief marketing officer, Walltopia.

A Climbing gym is a community built around the love of climbing, and that love brings together people from different ages, professions, and walks of life.

The biggest age group nowadays is the Millennials.

Globally they are now more in numbers than any other generation, including the Baby Boomers. Currently, they are in their time of young adulthood, and many of them have families and kids. So now, they are the ones raising the yet-to-be-named future generation.

The traditional 6:00pm family dinner is becoming increasingly harder to pull off, and for many families, the weekends have become the time for being together.

Spending quality time with their children may be the most critical thing parents can do to ensure their healthy emotional development and growth. Time spent together means opportunities for parents to teach, children to learn, and the whole family to strengthen a loving, nurturing relationship.

What else is essential to Millennial parents?

We live in the times of the health craze to raise kids who are fitter, healthier, and environmentally conscious. So, Millennials seek activities that challenge their kids’ minds and bodies, encourage team play, overcoming fear, and positive competitiveness, and are socially engaged and entertaining.

Walltopia, a leader of the Climbing and Active entertainment industry, understands all that and, knowing the benefits of climbing for kids and adults better than anyone else, introduces new ideas for kids climbing zones for climbing gyms. These ideas will certainly bring more young adults to the gym since they will combine it with quality parenting time. Climbing is a brilliant way to have all family members spend time together in a healthy activity that simultaneously develops their bodies, minds, and social life.

Who is Walltopia in the climbing world?

Walltopia is the company that made it possible to promote climbing as a sport (now even an Olympic sport) among people worldwide. Through the hundreds of Climbing gyms built, through its interactive kids climbing walls (Fun Walls) it introduced in 2010, and the general concept of Active entertainment with attractive leisure products inspired by the world of climbing, today Walltopia is a benchmark for quality, and climbing gyms mark their walls proudly with the company logo so that their visitors know that they have chosen the best for them.

The company not only produces the highest quality climbing walls but also changes the global industry by constantly introducing product developments and new concepts for sports and entertainment. With the idea of kid’s zones, the company pays special attention to children’s development and physical education. It creates a space where children feel comfortable, and the focus of trainers and route setters will be entirely on helping them develop their bodies and minds by unleashing their potential in this beautiful sport.

Check out some great examples of kids climbing zones built by Walltopia:

Climb Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria

Last year in Sofia, the company built the first Climb Academy. Located in the same building as the famous Walltopia Climbing Center – the biggest climbing gym in Eastern Europe, Climb Academy perfectly complements the parents’ climbing activities and passion. Designed entirely with children in mind, this kid climbing center results from Walltopia’s efforts to provide more opportunities for intensive physical activity in a safe environment for those aged 3 to 11 years.

Walltopia entrusted the training programmes to coaches with years of experience with kids. Each programme is tailored to the age and individual abilities of the children. The task was to find the balance between technique, difficulty, and speed.

Climb Academy is a bright and cozy climbing hall with a combination of natural and vivid colours that children like. It appeals to their senses in every possible way.

High Point Climbing and Fitness, USA

High Point is a climbing gym chain with 6 locations in the states of Tennessee and Alabama. They house a sizable kids’ zone in each of their facilities featuring a variety of Fun Walls and custom kids climbing walls. Their clientele consists of families who enjoy spending valuable time together as well as many young adults, future-to-be parents. The kids’ areas cater to the local communities creating an opportunity to foster an active lifestyle from an early age. An interesting fact is that one of their gyms in Huntsville, AL features a custom Fun Wall – a replica of the Saturn V rocket that flew the Apolo 11 mission to the moon.

Soul Climb, Spain

Soul Climb was formerly a part of the Indoorwall climbing gyms chain. They have decided to cater to the youngest clientele offering custom kids climbing zones that are designed to tell a story through climbing wall design. In Soul Climb, the children can climb to the head of a bear or the wings of an eagle engaging their imagination as well as developing motor skills.

Totem Escalade Meyrin, Switzerland

Totem Escalade compares climbing walls for kids to a giant puzzle waiting to be solved. Climbing teaches flexibility, coordination and strength, but it is as much a mental activity as it is a physical one that also requires patience, constant focus, and the ability to analyse problems to find the sequence that allows you to get to the top of the wall. The climbing gym chain from the land of the superb chocolate has identified the demand for an engaging activity for kids and has offered it to their audience quite successfully.

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