PAYMENT SYSTEMS: Embed invests in Toolkit team

Embed has added key sales and training staff to support the take up of its debit card system.

The sales team has been added to with sales executive Marisa Garris and sales administrator Amber Palafox, while the Insight Training Team adds Travis Allen and Robinette Williams as trainers.

Garris spent three years at merchandise supplier Redemption Plus as strategic account manager. “I am happy to be with Embed, an innovative, forward thinking company that seeks to elevate our industry,” she offered. “We have a senior leadership team that strives to develop and deliver disruptive technology to our customers so they can leverage new strategies and programs that allow them to operate more efficiently and profitably. I’m excited to see our team launch solutions that maximise revenue and enhance guest experience for our customers.”

Amber Palafox has ten years of sales experience, having worked for companies including Oil States Industries and Ludlum Measurements. 

To support the growing number of customers employing the firm’s Toolkit suite of products, Embed’s Insight training team has added Travis Allen and Robinette Williams. The team specialises in delivering live interactive training, scheduled webinars, on-demand videos and tutorials for customers.

Embed’s training coordinator, Diana Kim said: “Travis and Robinette bring great value to the training team with their talents in instructional software training and customer relations.”

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