New FEC for Miami

FunDimension opens in Wynwood

A new FEC called FunDimension has opened in Wynwood, Miami.

Joyce Frohman, founder of FunDimension, said: “FunDimension is a place for kids and parents to play together, for them to bond, so it’s not really for kids only, but it’s for both of them to do activities together. We have a bunch of activities, like laser tag. We have a spin zone area for kids from 3 years and up. Kids and parents can ride together and bump into each other together.”

Started by a husband-and-wife team, FunDimension offers arcade games and rides.

“We have around 24 arcade games, and they’re also designed for the same thing — parents and kids. Our bumper cars are on a spin, so every time you hit each other it spins around. We have an XD theater with 12 movies, different rides in seven different motions. The seat moves in different ways.”

There is a also a laser tag arena, 24 vests with eight different games, with different ramps to give the sensation of different levels.

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