Lotte Department Store welcomes virtual reality theme park

A new VR theme park has opened on the 10th floor of the Lotte Department Store, located near Konkuk University, Seoul. Housing over 60 attractions and rides, Lotte Monster VR was developed over the course of a year with GPM – a game development company with a mission to popularise VR gaming.

Previously a food court and culture centre, Lotte Monster VR lets visitors feel the (virtual) rush of rafting, bungee jumping, and riding a roller coaster. There are simulated balloon rides and a small VR film theatre for those who prefer a less adrenaline-soaked day.

There are over 50 VR titles for guests to enjoy at Lotte Monster, with multiplayer functionality and 150” (or larger) screens. Monster VR’s platform also allows for game updates in real time.

Lotte are currently looking to offer a broader range of VR content through overseas expansion.

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