Jurassic War – new video prize every time at EAG

Jurassic War, a brand new piece from UK-based Instance Automatics Ltd, will be on demo at EAG 16 this January. The comany will be presenting the new machine on their stand 830 along with many other newly released machines in the crane, vending, kiddie amusement and redemption genres.

Instance Director, Ian Eason noted: “Jurassic War is a video prize every time machine and so a new direction from your standard video game. The player shoots balls at the screen to stop the dinosaurs attacking you and it vends a 32mm bouncy ball. The balls you shoot are fully enclosed in the strong all metal cabinet so not only safe but there are no issues with losing balls during the game which can be a nuisance and costly for the operator.”

Video of the new Jurassic War machine working can be seen below:

More info about the Instance Automatics range can be found on their website, www.maxxgrab.co.uk or call 01507 441144.

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