Italian show adds amusement expo

ENADA debuting Rimini Amusement Show alongside well-established gaming event

Next year’s ENADA Spring show is adding non-gaming amusements to its line-up including kiddie rides, arcade games, redemption games and other attraction features.

The show, which takes place from 14th to 16th March 2018 at Rimini Expo Centre, is celebrating its 30th anniversary and is opening the first Rimini Amusement Show alongside its traditional gaming expo.

The new event organised by IEG will focus specifically on the amusement world and promoting Italian creativity and products at home and abroad. It will host kiddie rides, redemption games, video games, evergreens such as pinball, table soccer, bowling, billiards, ping pong and darts; new technology such as virtual reality and laser games; attractions for parks, inflatables and more.

IEG president Lorenzo Cagnoni (pictured), explained: “For the thirtieth time, ENADA Spring confirms its roles as an expo showcase that confirms the expectations of the sector, with the participation of network licensees, companies and all the industry’s major players. The new section dedicated to amusement, is also a sign of great vivacity and optimism for a decisive relaunch of the gaming world in coming years.”

SAPAR (Servizi Apparecchi per le Pubblicche Attrazione Ricreative) chairman Raffaele Curcio added: “There many expectations for the next edition of ENADA Spring: the sector will continue to be lively on the condition that the regulations are drawn up in a coherent clear manner. The March expo will definitely be the ideal showcase for demonstrating that the sector is lively and will continue to fight to safeguard employment and free business.”

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