Sega buoyed by Daytona roll-out

Sega’s new racing game Daytona Championship USA is rolling out to arcades all over the world and operators are reporting top earnings for the game, says the firm.

Attributing the high income to the ‘instant rematch’ feature that encourages repeat play and noticeable incremental revenue to their business, is contributing to high demand for the game globally, Sega believes.

Justin Burke, general manager at Sega says, “The demand for Daytona is phenomenal, we’ve already shipped a huge number of games and have an even bigger list on back order expected to ship as fast as we can build them. In fact, we have dedicated two factories, one in UK and the other in USA, to increase our production output”.

Mitch Tuby, from Pleasureland Amusements in the UK, received his Daytona Championship USA recently and said: “Just like the old game but better, finally a driving game that the industry has been waiting for. It’s a great machine to have in the arcade.”

Reaction in the US included Rich Listash from Player One Amusement Group, who offered: “The new Daytona by Sega is awesome, the force feedback steering really captured the feeling of the original Daytona with updated graphics from today’s technology”.

Daytona boosts a bold cabinet design, and new features including a  60 frames per second 47” LED high definition screen. It also has new cars, six tracks and game modes including the new Party Mode, which allows operators to run special events smoothly and the brand new ‘Sega-IQ Intelligent Service Menus’ that are designed to offer prompts and troubleshooting advice for onsite technicians.

Burke concluded “Currently both our factories are working at maximum capacity to get orders out quick. Customers are recommended to place their orders now to avoid having to wait long for their games to ship”.

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