ARCADES: JNC adds new Super Heroes rolldown

JNC has released the next instalment of Super Heroes this summer in the form of a two-player ticket roll down machine, with limited stock available for immediate delivery.

Produced by Eurotek, the slick ice white cabinet plays host to colourful heroes who feature heavily across the artwork on the playing field and top flash.

It features fast feed entry, accumulating ticket jackpot and a vibrant backboard which is built to attract players and operate its own special feature. The immediate objective is for players to get as many 2ps as possible through the holes at the back of the obstacle playing field, with each hole determining the amount of tickets on offer. Directly in the middle of the cabinet is a “Roll the Dice” hole, which allows players to progress to a mini game on the backboard of the machine, which offers different ticket wins, free spins, ticket boosters and a jackpot.

The price is around £8,495.

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