ZIP LINES: New Ropes Courses ride at Allegan

Ropes Courses is opening a new attraction at Allegan Event Z!p in Michigan. 

The ride opens on Saturday, 10th June, 2017 during the city’s annual downtown Bridgefest. The new attraction will have special guests, giveaways, music and more for the big event.

“We’re thrilled to bring adventure to our city that will entice people from all over the state to check out Allegan,” said Jim Liggett, owner of Ropes Courses. “This attraction was long overdue and the buzz of the activity here will be very exciting to witness…right in our own backyard.”

The main attraction is the CTS Zip Line stretching 1,200 feet. Participants climb the main structure on the river’s north bank at Riverfront Plaza and soar close to 55 feet over the water. It stretches 600 feet across the river to a smaller structure, where riders land and prepare for another zip back to the main 45 foot tall structure.

Participants can exit by descending the stairs or continue the adventure on the QUICKjump for the ultimate free-fall experience from 55 feet in the air from the same structure.

“If you’re an adrenaline-junkie you have to do the QUICKjump,” said Byron Bell, Allegan Event Z!P Manager. “I step off the platform and gasp every time. The drop is smooth and controlled though, so it’s a very comfortable ride.”

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