Wibit presents protective face mask for water play

Manufacturer of floating aquapark equipment Wibit has developed a new way of enjoying the water while still respecting the new corona safety regulations.

The Wibit WaterMask, which is reportedly the world’s first protective water face mask, is made of neoprene – comfortable to wear and easy to open and close. Slits on both sides of the mask make breathing simple. When you dive, the mask fills with water, but the specially designed drainage opening in the centre allows it to drain immediately once you dive back up.

The WaterMask is available in three sizes (S, M, L) and with a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces. Utility and design patent applications have been filed.

“This innovation is another step into the new normality we are facing. It will re-enable fun on the water, may it be the open sea, lakes or swimming pools,” said Romann Rademacher, CEO of Wibit Sports. “This is a game-changing product and unique in the world. We are happy to support many areas, not only aquaparks, but all business connected to water, such as lifeguards, paddleboat, canoe or SUP rentals, and many more. We expect that even showering in public pools is possible again.”

The operation of inflatable water playgrounds requires new safety conditions, which has led Wibit to found the International Aquatics Organisation to support customers with guidelines for re-opening aquaparks. 

Robert Cirjak, CEO of Wibit Sports, said: “We considered all operations related to inflatable aquaparks and came up with solutions for each individual process so that our customers are ready to re-open with a good feeling for their guests and businesses.”

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